Papaya Fruit products

Production Unit

The company is accompanied with a higher production capacity of 4 tons/month of the desired product. The effluent from the process will be controlled by the Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). The ETP treated slurry is also utilized as manure for our own plantations. Being conscious on the welfare of the labors, a supportive environment is been sated up physically and occupationally

Quality Control department
Quality of a product ensures its value and market ability. The quality of our products is controlled and assured round the world, by our QC team. The company has a separate Quality Control department that stringent screen the quality of our enzyme products before delivering to the customers globally.

Research and Development department

In the near future, the company shall launch of an array of biotech products that include industrial enzymes and other pharmaceutically important molecules. The research and development division of the company is actively engaged in developing new products, methods and protocols to meet this target. The R & D team assures that proper timeline is met in launch of new products to meet the increasing global demand. Well equipped State of the art laboratories of the company ensure proper upstream processing, downstream processing and analysis of the final product.

Papaya Fruit products
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