Papaya Fruit products

Our company produces highly active Papain products which we express in terms of Tyrosine Units per milligram of the product (TU/mg). The various forms of Papain that are being produced at our facility are

Ultra Refined Papain Powder (URPP) :
  It is a high quality Papain product in fine powdered form. The powdered form of Papain has the advantage that due to its less moisture content it has less susceptibility to microbial contamination and generally has a higher shelf life. The usual potency of this product ranges from 900 – 1200 TU/mg. However we can supply the lactose dilutions of product in the range 100 TU/mg – 800 TU/mg as per customer requirements. This product is supplied in 25 Kg or 50 Kg HDMPE airtight drums.

Stabilized Liquid Papain (SLP)
Activity: >200 TU/mg, Micro clear product
*Based on the demand SLP will be supplied
Mode of Packing: URPP and SLP are supplied in 25 Kg or 50 Kg modes in airtight HMHDPE (High Molecular, High Density Poly Ethylene) drums. The mode of packing for SLP will be in 240 L HMHDPE airtight drums

Granulated Papain (GP) (Guar gum based, Acacia based, Starch based)*
Activity: 100 − 800 TU/mg, Pharma grade and Micro clear
*Based on the customer depend granulation will be done
  It is Papain made into granular form using special formulation. Granular form is often required for specific purposes that demand proper dosing and uniformity. The advantage of granular form of Papain over its powdered form is that granular form flow better helping in proper dosage. Furthermore, they are more stable physically and chemically due to their lower surface area and are less likely to cake or harden. The granular form assures particle size uniformity thus uniformity of content. The usual potency in which this product is supplied is 700 TU/mg – 1000 TU/mg. However other lower potencies can also be made available upon demand. This product is supplied in 25 Kg or 50 Kg HDMPE airtight drums.


The general characteristics and properties of our Papain products (different forms) quality have been
described below
Value added Products from our Papaya

Papaya Fruit products
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